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Alfalfa Cultivation and Production

The soil on which alfalfa cultivation will be carried out should be analyzed first. Having this analysis done before October is one of the most important tricks for fertilization. If clover is to be planted for the first time, vaccination is also required. The field to be planted must be plowed deeply before planting. Since the clover puts its roots as deep as possible, it should be cleared of stones and weeds after the soil is deeply tilled. If cleaning is not done, the development of clover will be slow and the nitrogen release to the soil will be less.

Since alfalfas are not resistant to low pH soils, liming should be done if the pH is low in the analysis results. Potassium and phosphorus fertilization is the most suitable solution against calcification.

After all the necessary conditions for alfalfa cultivation and production are prepared, surface sowing is done to a depth of half an inch to one centimeter. If planting in light soil, it is recommended to plant a little deeper.

In some regions, those who grow alfalfa also plant with the spreading technique. However, since very few of the seeds are transformed into seedlings in the fields planted with this technique, their productivity will decrease. For this reason, placing the seeds in the soil while planting is the most guaranteed solution.

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  • March 9, 2023

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